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BUY THIS BOOK NOW!!! I would give this book 10 stars if I could. After reading numerous sales books looking for a way to improve my skills, I came across New Sales. Simplified. I purchased and read 1/2 the book in one sitting - making notes and highlighting on almost every page. This truly is a treasure chest for any salesperson. The information is provided in a straightforward - dare I say simple - way but it makes so much sense and I can attest that it works.     - Chad P

With this book in hand, I have been able to become a top performing business development representative. I cannot stress enough that the game plan Mike lays out in this book, if followed, almost guarantees exceptional sales performance. He takes the mystery out of prospecting in a way that very few sales books attempt to do. It is also worth mentioning the integrity and character that backbone Mike's methodology. His sales philosophy doesn't require any dishonesty or games, and learning this simple approach will make you wildly successful.

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