Senior executives and sales leaders engage me to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their sales organizations - particularly when it comes to developing new business or managing the sales team.


  • Seeking to create a team of proficient sales hunters laser-focused on bringing in New Sales.
  • Even if results have been good, there is a concern that the sales team or sales management are operating in reactive mode simply responding to rather than creating opportunities.
  • Sellers are being relegated to "vendor" status and getting commoditized (selling on price) instead of being perceived as consultants, value-creators, and professional problem-solvers.
  • Looking to help sales managers create a healthy, high-performance sales culture that improves accountability, talent management, and sales process effectiveness - all without micromanaging or demotivating the sales team.


"One of the best, most relevant courses I've taken. Also the best single instructor in all of the courses I've attended in the last 9 years!"
- Attendee at full-day training session for a global business development team

“We had 25+ of our team attending the conference and everyone that I have visited with told me that you were definitely the highlight of the event.”
- Division President of heavy equipment manufacturer following a 3-hour 'Consultative & Proactive Selling' session

“Mike’s up-front approach to sales and sales management is refreshing. I’ve sat through many sales and marketing seminars and was told that “you should be doing X”. Mike told me I should do “X", but went further and gave me the tools needed to create immediate change. Whether it is tracking and motivating a sales team or creating a powerful sales story for prospecting, you’ll walk away with an action plan you can put to immediate use.”
- Insurance Agency Principal following a full-day workshop (with the morning focused on themes from Sales Management. Simplified. and the afternoon on New Sales. Simplified.)

“The working sessions were the best class that I have taken as part of an offsite. The presenter, Mike Weinberg, was articulate and easy to follow.”

-Senior Sales Executive following a full-day New Sales. Simplified. workshop

“Mike Weinberg lives the material, so it comes natural for him and isn't forced, even on the edges of the topic. He clearly would be happy to see us living it too.”
-Account Executive following a workshop on Powering-Up Presentations and Moving from Vendor to Value-Creator

Whether it's for a couple dozen, a couple hundred, or a couple thousand, (video samples available here)I love leading half-hour, one-hour, half-day, full-day, or two-day sessions for sales teams and/or sales management.

- Sales Training  - Keynotes  - Breakout Sessions  - Workshops

- Sales Leadership Retreats  - Annual Sales Kick-Offs  - CEO Forum Groups

*LIMITED AVAILABILITY:  There is more demand for me to speak than availability. If you have a date, or range of dates, that you are considering engaging me, I strongly encourage you to contact us now to inquire about availability or to schedule a discovery call.


I share candid observations – quickly.

I tell the truth – about your people, sales leadership and culture, and sales process.

I offer simple, practical suggestions that work in the real world, and I work to address your issues as fast as possible.

I’m blunt. I call it like I see it.

I am emotional, take my clients’ business personally, and act like my own livelihood depends on their success.

There is no "typical" engagement, and there is no one way to do this. Some engagements last hours, most go several months, and a few clients won't let me go.

If I am not convinced that I'm the exact right person to quickly and effectively help you, I will refer you to someone else.

* Please do not inquire about consulting or coaching your executives or sales leaders until you have read Sales Management. Simplified.  For less than 1/1000th the cost of an engagement, there is a good chance the fix for your situation can be found in the book. Yes, I really just wrote that, and I really do mean it. I encourage you to link over and scan the reviews on Amazon and Audible.


Due to my speaking and travel schedule, I personally coach only a limited number of sales teams and individuals. 

But even if I cannot coach you personally, I want to help you and your team win more New Sales! That's why we created the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series.

To inquire about personal coaching, please send an email with a brief description of your situation along with your specific objectives for a potential engagement.

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