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Sales Leadership Coaching Cohort

Limited to 12 Sales Leaders


Sales Leader,

This coaching cohort is our most powerful offering, and we created it because sales managers and executives continued to ask for it. The feedback from sales leaders who’ve participated has been mind-blowing.

Sales management is hard, and while leaders are highly motivated to maximize their effectiveness and results after consuming our content (the Sales Management. Simplified. book, podcast and supercharge events), the reality is that inertia from either their own habits or their company’s legacy way of operating traps them. Instead of implementing the best practices they’ve learned, they get sucked back into the vortex of the daily grind.

The six-month cohort provides an environment where members experience not just accountability, but also care, community, coaching, camaraderie, and a deeper dive into powerful content. It’s the combination of monthly group sessions (facilitated personally by me), 1:1 sessions with your personal sales leadership coach who gets to know you, helps you to implement and holds you accountable, regular office hours Q&A sessions, and the ongoing support, encouragement, experience sharing, and wisdom from other cohort members that creates transformational change. And the icing on the cake is the two-day in-person retreat which every past participant listed as the highlight of the program.

If you are ready to lead more effectively than ever, drive more results in less time, and experience the satisfaction and rewards from mastering sales management and leading your team to victory, then schedule an exploratory conversation to see if this sales leadership coaching cohort is for you. We interview every candidate to ensure a mutual fit because so much of the value derived from the program comes from your fellow cohort members.

As always, here’s to great sales leadership and your team winning more New Sales,

Sales Management is Hard

Take advantage of this sales leadership coaching cohort so….

  • You don’t get sucked back into the “vortex” at your company while attempting to implement sales management best practices
  • You have continual support from both sales management peers and coaches and don’t feel like you’re on an island going it alone
  • You’ll have a monthly group meeting, a monthly personal coaching session, and a monthly Q&A to keep you focused and help tackle your biggest current challenges
  • You will become way more efficient and accomplish more sales management in less time
  • You maximize the impact from your highest-payoff sales management activities…

      1. The 1:1 Accountability Meeting
        (to radically ramp up accountability and reduce complacency without demotivating or micromanaging)

      2. Coaching (the deal, the pipeline, skills, and in the field)

      3. Sales Team Meetings (that actually energize and equip the team)

  • You become a master of Smart Talent Management, get the right people in the right roles, keep & optimize your best, and quickly coach-up or out underperformers

  • You and your team will produce more results than ever


1:1 Accountability


Sales Team Meetings

Smart talent Management

An Invitation from Mike

Real salespeople. Real sales leaders. Real results.

"Mike and his team under-promised and over-delivered with this cohort. I knew I’d get a lot of value from Mike’s content but what I never expected was how much value would come from my peers in the group each month. I love that the retreat agenda was created based on the current issues cohort members were facing, and I left those two days more encouraged, more recharged, and with more hope than I’ve had in a long time."

Jeff Lucido

CRO & General Manager

“This cohort really elevated my game because I’m around other leaders who are stronger than I am, and it’s given me the opportunity to become better. That along with Mike’s content has been a ‘win-win.’ The monthly 1:1 coaching sessions have been extremely valuable to help me create a framework specific to my situation. If you’re a competitive sales leader and you want to up your game, you need to be a part of this cohort.”

David Silman

Senior Vice President of Sales

“I love the group format but got also got tremendous benefit from the 1:1 coaching that reinforced the content and ensured I incorporated the things we discussed in cohort into my weekly and daily routines. It was also great to realize that I was not alone as a sales leader and to hear how others were working through similar situations and overcoming challenges. This was truly beneficial and I am fortunate to have participated in the first cohort!”

Matt Wagner

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

"I elected to pay for this out of my own pocket and while I knew I would get solid coaching from Mike, I had no idea how much value I’d get from the monthly facilitated group session, office hours, and my personal coaching sessions. Mike also surprised me with his occasional check-ins – he really cares about the whole person, not just the sales management piece. Any sales leader who needs a breakthrough should join this cohort.”

Allison Blair

Vice President of Sales

About Mike Weinberg

Mike’s passion is helping sales teams win more New Sales! He’s become one of the most trusted and sought after sales experts and has led workshops and consulted on five continents.

Mike is the author of three Amazon #1 Bestsellers: #SalesTruth, New Sales. Simplified., and Sales Management. Simplified. which is the most reviewed sales management book on Amazon and been called “arguably the best book ever written on sales management.”

He offers a simple, actionable framework that sales managers and executives can easily implement to drive dramatic and lasting sales performance improvement.

Our Sales Leadership Cohort Includes:

Monthly group sessions
& Office Hours

A powerful online closed-group session that involves personal / progress updates from members, facilitated group interaction around that month’s sales management topic, teaching from Mike, group experience sharing of best practices, successes, & frustrations.  Additionally, there will be monthly office hours for Q&A.

Live Monthly
1:1 Coaching

A monthly private call with your personal sales leadership coach. Agenda to be customized to your situation. Coach will serve as a guide, accountability partner, and will dive deeper into any sales management topic. Expect to be pushed to implement your takeaways from the group sessions and video content.

2-Day In-Person

Join your cohort members, coach, and Mike for two days dedicated to reinforcing your takeaways from the program and energizing you for the journey ahead! The retreat will include special teaching and extensive time for both personal reflection and group exercises.   Think of this retreat as the Supercharge Your Sales Leadership Event on steroids.

Join Our Sales Leadership Coaching Cohort

Limited to 12 Sales Leaders


Starting in Late January