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Based on Mike's bestselling book, this series is his best work to help sellers and sales teams win more New Sales

Real People, Real Success Stories

“Bottom line, this coaching series is amazing! There is absolutely nothing like this out there. It is packed with practical tips and exercises I have already implemented and seen sales success!”

Business Development Manager

“Mike Weinberg’s video coaching series feels like a personalized coaching session. It is like he is sitting right across the table! While the modules are great, the workbook has allowed me to take Mike’s coaching and put it into practice. The best part is I can see how it is helping me to hone my sales process. Every single day I am improving and I attribute that in large part to Mike’s videos.”


Senior Account Executive

“I read New Sales. Simplified. and took a million notes and applied much of it. But . . . between the video modules and the workbook, I hit a new level. On one of the pages Mike asks us to write down our “stretch” or “big fish” potential clients that could make our year if we closed a deal with them. Well . . . I am happy to say that I literally booked meetings with two of them during the week following completion of the video series. Boom!”


Regional Sales Director

“The training video series is a great complement to Mike’s books. Our trainers have commented that doors are being opened with the use of our new sales story. Refreshing.”


Director of Training

This Video Series Was Created to Help You...

What Makes the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series Different?

1. Expertise

Mike was the #1 salesperson in three companies and has a proven track record helping sellers win more New Sales.

2. Quality

This video series was created specifically for online sales coaching. It is not repurposed video clips from speaking engagements like other online learning programs.

3. Practical

Mike walks through the issues and the fixes for the most common sales issues today. He gives simple, easy to implement tools, tips, and techniques.

4. Proven

Over 1,200 salespeople have gone through this series and offered rave reviews. These concepts work every time they’re implemented.

5. Challenging

Get ready to be challenged. Mike is blunt, practical, and powerful in person, but also in the video series. With a strong delivery and hard-hitting exercises, you will get out what you put in.

6. Comprehensive

This series covers everything from the reasons you aren’t winning new business to crafting your messaging to executing your New Sales attack.

What You Get from the Series

Sample Clips from the Series

Never Answer This Question!

Series Introduction

Why It’s Deadly to be “Late To the Party”

Sales Story & Weapons Evaluation

Course Contents

Module 1: Common Reasons Why Salespeople Don't Develop More New Business

  • The Not-So-Sweet 16 reasons that get in the way of salespeople and sales teams winning more New Sales.
  • Put your defenses down and check your ego at the door as we look at what trips up other sellers from filling their pipelines and bringing in net new business.
  • You just might identify a few reasons preventing you from having the success you want.

Module 2: The New Sales Driver and the Company's Responsibility for Sales Success

  • A foundational module that takes a quick look at a VERY SIMPLE FRAMEWORK for putting together a successful new business development-focused sales attack.
  • The module includes a bold promise to salespeople and some blunt words for sales leaders about their responsibility to help the sales team succeed.

Module 3: Selecting Strategic Targets

  • Selecting target prospects is the first step in your sales attack for a reason – it’s a rare chance to be strategic! This module offers guidance on building your target list, segmenting your accounts, creating an ideal prospect profile and more…

Module 4: Sharpening Your Sales Story

  • This module makes the case that your Sales Story is your most critical sales weapon and walks you through a comprehensive exercise to help you create a relevant, powerful, compelling, succinct, customer-issue/outcome-focused, differentiating sales story.
  • Leave plenty of time because there is significant work to be done in order to craft a highly effective story/message, and it will be well worth the energy you invest.

Module 5: Telephone Prospecting — Getting In!

  • Get ready to get reacquainted with dialing the phone and this module will help make the phone your friend!
  • Your anxiety about making prospecting calls is going to go down while your confidence and effectiveness will increase dramatically.
  • Learn the keys to successful proactive telephone calls and tips that will change your entire perspective about voicemail. You are about to start securing many more meetings with target customers and prospects.

Module 6: Structuring Effective Consultative/Discovery Sales Calls

  • The module provides everything you need to conduct winning Discovery/Consultative sales calls.
  • You will learn how to stop presenting and start selling — how to transition from rapport building to setting up the meeting by sharing your agenda and getting buy-in —how to use your sales story to position yourself, build credibility and warm up the prospect to answer your probing questions — how to do effective discovery —how to seek out objections and obstacles, and how to clearly define and schedule next steps (close).

Module 7: Powering-Up Presentations & Demos

  • After reviewing this lesson, you will never do premature presentations again.
  • You’ll have a new recipe for using PowerPoint and you’ll become a master at turning presentations from monologues into dialogues.
  • Customers will no longer perceive you as a vendor or pitchman, but instead will see you as a consultant, value-creator, and trusted advisor.

Module 8: Planning & Executing The New Business Development Sales Attack

  • This module is where the rubber meets the road. None of the lessons prior to this mean anything unless you execute the sales attack. We will look at how to become selfishly productive, block your calendar for high-value activities, manage your personal pipeline, and monitor the true key metrics that ensure your sales attack in on track.

Module 9: Becoming a Pro's Pro & Perennial Top-Producer

  • Module 9 tackles everything from attitude to how to keep yourself operating at peak performance.
  • You will be challenged about taking real vacations and staying away from email, setting monster goals and rewarding yourself for achieving them, and how to remain a top-producer year after year.

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New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series

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This video answers the question. Mike’s 7-year bestselling book provides an overview of the key concepts, tools, tips, techniques, to help you drive more New Sales immediately. The video series goes much deeper, covering topics in greater detail. Many people who read — and loved! — the book found the video coaching series helped take Mike’s concepts and implement them. The coaching series (along with the 66-page workbook) creates a powerful learning experience.
You receive lifetime unlimited access to the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series.
Great question! From defense to big data, from heavy equipment to banking, we have a number of corporate clients using the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series for their team and the feedback has been strong! Teams of all sizes have implemented these concepts and are seeing great results! Contact us and we will work with you on sales team pricing and to create a package that fits your company’s needs.
You cannot download the modules, but you do have the ability to get your virtual coaching from anywhere you have access to the internet.
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