Whether you are a newly promoted manager or have been leading a sales team for some time, as stated in Chapter 1, I believe that you have the most important job in the business! 
I was honored that HarperCollins Leadership asked me to write this book and am thrilled that you have selected The First-Time Manager: Sales to help get off to a fast, successful start, or as a refresher on the fundamentals of sales management.
Along with the strong cautions, succinct frameworks, and simple tips contained in the book, to maximize your value (and takeaways) I am providing these bonus resources as referenced at the conclusions of Chapters 3, 4, and 5.
Here’s to great sales leadership, big success, and your team winning more New Sales!


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“…so packed with actionable content that, from front cover to back, I was taking notes and blocking time on the calendar to implement my takeaways!”

Jason Thomas


"The powerful principles in The First-Time Manager: Sales helped me secure my first sales leadership position and this essential playbook will help any leader build a solid foundation and get out of the gate fast."

Drew Ellis


“Do what is in this book and you cannot fail. Do it well, and you will flourish.”

Mike Jeffrey


"Embrace these core principles and your sales pipeline and results will thank you.”

Emilia Huddle

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There are more resources for sales leaders at and be sure the check out the Sales Management. Simplified. Podcast HERE or on your favorite podcast provider.

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