Senior executives often bring me in for guidance when…

  • Seeking outside perspective on key sales leadership issues 
  • Something is amiss with the sales culture
  • It doesn’t feel like the sales team is firing on all cylinders
  • They’re not bringing in New Sales at the desired rate
  • Things are great but they’d like to fine tune the sales engine to go even faster 

I share candid observations – quickly.     

I tell the truth – about your people, sales leadership and culture, and sales process.

I offer simple, practical suggestions that work in the real world, and I work to address your issues as fast as possible.

I’m blunt. I call it like I see it.

I am emotional, take my clients’ business personally, and act like my own livelihood depends on their success.

I NEVER try to create a bigger, longer, or more expensive engagement.

If I am not convinced that I’m the exact right person to quickly and effectively help you, I will refer you to someone else whom I trust.

Because of my speaking schedule, I can only take on a limited number of consulting clients. If you’re looking to engage me, contact our team to schedule a conversation and please share your objectives for a potential engagement along with your familiarity with the Sales Management. Simplified. book or podcast.


New Sales. Simplified.

Sales Management. Simplified.

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© 2023 Mike Weinberg

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