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Experience breakthrough results. Win more new sales in 2024.


Sales Friend,
While your business may be complex, executing a successful new business development sales initiative is not. Regardless of all the noise and nonsense in the sales improvement world about needing the latest, greatest sales tools, techniques, and tricks to succeed, the blunt truth is that all top sales producers have mastered one thing – the fundamentals. 
And that is exactly why New Sales. Simplified. has been a trusted bestseller for 10 years and named on several lists at Top-5 Sales Book of All Time. The Video Coaching Series is my very best work to help sellers WIN MORE NEW SALES because it contains the proven principles that work every time they are deployed. If you’re ready to take your sales game to a new level, regardless of the confusion and concern about what the economy may or may not do in 2024, take advantage of this special offer.
I look forward to tracking with your success!

If you're ready to start closing more new sales than ever before and...

Identify what’s stopping you from developing more new business

Experience the fun, freedom, and rewards from becoming a top sales hunter

Come across as a value-creator instead of just a "vendor" who pitches products & sells on price

Master prospecting to secure more meetings with target accounts

Conduct more effective & consultative sales calls

Present with power and set yourself apart from competitors

Own your calendar to maximize selling time

Sell with an "abundance mentality" from a full pipeline

Then the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series is for you!

Based on Mike's bestselling book, this series is His best work to help sellers and sales teams win more new sales

“It's a book of fundamentals and timeless truths, with proven, real-world strategies that produce sales results every time they are employed...”
Anthony Iannarino
Best Selling Author, Speaker & Sales Leader

What makes the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series Different?



Mike was the #1 salesperson in three companies and has a proven track record helping sellers win more New Sales.



This video series was created specifically for online sales coaching. It is not repurposed video clips from speaking engagements like other online learning programs.



Mike walks through the issues and the fixes for the most common sales issues today. He gives simple, easy to implement tools, tips, and techniques.



Several thousand sellers have gone through this series and offered rave reviews. These concepts work every time they’re implemented.



Get ready to be challenged. Mike is blunt, practical, and powerful in person, but also in the video series. With a strong delivery and hard-hitting exercises, you will get out what you put in.



This series covers everything from the reasons you aren’t winning new business to crafting your messaging to executing your New Sales attack.

What you get from the series

Virtual coaching

from Mike Weinberg, one of the most in-demand sales experts in the world

24/7 Access

Ability to "train" with Mike at your own pace, on-the-go 24x7/365

Comprehensive content

9 modules and over 6 hours of comprehensive video content


66-page workbook with supplemental content and interactive exercises to help you implement the concepts

Sample Clips

Series Introduction

Sales Story & Weapons Evaluation

Why It’s Deadly to be “Late to the Party”

Never Answer This Question!


Purchase the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series by midnight on November 21st and receive an invitation to join Mike for two (2) live virtual meetings!

These live bonus sessions include:

  • Review of The New Sales Driver Framework
  • Extended Q&A on Any Module in the Series
  • Deeper Dive on Messaging, Prospecting, & Personal Productivity

These two (2) sessions will be highly interactive to help you kick-start your New Sales attack in 2023.

Meeting dates:  December 16 @10:00am EST & January 4 @ Noon EST


Purchase the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series by midnight on November 20th and receive an invitation to join Mike for two (2) live virtual meetings!

These live bonus sessions include:

These two (2) sessions will be highly interactive to help you kick-start your New Sales attack in 2024

Meeting Dates will be in December and January

These sessions will be recorded in case you miss one of the sessions or want to review in the future

Enroll Now

New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series



$500 Off Through November 20th

*This offer is for individual access and use only

sales leaders...

If you’d like to help your team implement these concepts and see great results, there are special packages and online sessions available.

About Mike

First and foremost, Mike Weinberg is a proud salesperson! He loves sales, bleeds sales, and his passion is helping companies, sales teams, and individual salespeople win more New Sales.

Mike was the top salesperson in three companies before becoming a consultant, coach, speaker, and bestselling author. He has become one of the most trusted and sought after sales experts in the world and is known for his blunt, funny, tell-it-like-it-is style, and his ability to share simple, practical, powerful, effective and easy-to-implement concepts.

Mike has spoken on five continents and helped hundreds of companies and thousands of salespeople around the globe. With more demand than he can meet for his speaking, consulting, & coaching services, Mike has been asked for years to develop online coaching content. That’s exactly why he created this video coaching series and it is his best work to help sellers and sales teams WIN MORE NEW SALES!

Just the FAQs

This video answers the question. Mike’s 10-year bestselling book provides an overview of the key concepts, tools, tips, techniques, to help you drive more New Sales immediately. The video series goes much deeper, covering topics in greater detail. Many people who read — and loved! — the book found the video coaching series helped take Mike’s concepts and implement them. The coaching series (along with the 66-page workbook) creates a powerful learning experience.
With the individual license you receive unlimited lifetime access to The New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series.
Note:  This is an individual license, not a team license.  It cannot be shared or transferred per the terms and conditions.

Great question! From defense to big data, from heavy equipment to banking, we have a number of corporate clients using the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series for their team and the feedback has been strong! Teams of all sizes have implemented these concepts and are seeing great results!

Contact us HERE and we will work with you on sales team pricing and to create a package that fits your company’s needs.

You cannot download the modules, but you do have the ability to get your virtual coaching from anywhere you have access to the internet.
No problem. Message us via the contact button, email us at contact@mikeweinberg.com or call our team at (314) 920-9900. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.