Sales Management. Simplified.

The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team


“As much as I love sales and helping salespeople excel at developing new business, what I love even more is experiencing a high-performance, results-focused, winning sales team with solid leadership, a strong sales culture, smart talent management, and a sound sales process. My two primary goals in writing Sales Management. Simplified. are to bluntly share the reasons so few sales organizations today exhibit these characteristics and to offer a simple, actionable framework that senior executives and sales managers can adopt to create dramatic and lasting sales performance improvement.”

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“Arguably the best book every written on sales management”
Jeb Blount

What everyone is saying

Shane Whaley

Vice President of Sales

Mike's book was a wake up call, I had been coasting! My numbers were okay but I knew I could deliver more. I read Sales Management. Simplified. and it was the kick in the backside I needed. I had gotten sloppy with regular 1:1's, and was just going through the motions with my team meetings. Not any more.

John Hinds

Director of Mid Market Sales

Mike Weinberg has written a practical sales management guide for not only new sales leaders but experienced ones who are struggling and may have unknowingly developed some bad habits. This book is written in an engaging style that makes it easy and enjoyable to read.

Mark Peterman

General Manager. Technology & Marketing Executive.

Sales Management. Simplified. is a wake-up call for all executives, not just sales leaders. Mike Weinberg shares the “blunt truth” about the problems in sales organizations with real-life examples that will make you laugh (or maybe cry). Then he delivers a blueprint for change. Take Mike’s challenge to heart. Put his sales management framework into action. Enjoy the positive results that follow.

Doug Davidoff

Sales, Growth & Revenue Operations Advisory

My review in four words: Mike nails sales management. He has a direct (one might say blunt) style of writing. Where most sales management treatises are boring and technical, Sales Management. Simplified. is entertaining and completely real. What I enjoyed most from reading the book was that every page was written from someone who had clearly lived the life and dealt with these issues firsthand.

Andy Paul

Host of Sales Enablement Podcast

Mike Weinberg has done it again with Sales Management. Simplified. What an excellent book!

Much like his first book clearly spelled out the simple steps sellers should follow to effectively develop new customers, Mike has reduced the complex task of managing a sales team to an effective framework that any manager can successfully implement.

Chris Pflueger

Chief Development Officer

In Sales Management. Simplified., Mike Weinberg has written more than a great sales management book; he’s crafted a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide for sales success .

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The Sales Management. Simplified. Video Coaching Series is Mike’s best work to help you radically increase sales leadership effectiveness. The unique, powerful format combines teaching and facilitated roundtable dialogue as Mike and his high-achieving expert sales leader guests share real-world experiences and best practices to help you create the culture and long-term sales results you want!