The First-Time Manager: Sales



  • Avoid the pitfalls transitioning from an individual contributor role into team leader
  • Learn how to pivot from winning on your own to winning through your people
  • Build a healthy, high-performance culture that maximizes performance while connecting on a heart-level with your team members
  • Set yourself up for long-term, sustainable success
  • Become a master of smart-sales talent management to maximize fun, job satisfaction and results!

Amazon Best Seller!

#1 in Business Mentoring & Coaching

#1 in Sales & Selling Management 

Proven principles, foolproof frameworks, fresh stories, and powerful, easy-to-implement takeaways.  My favorite of my four books!  Mike Weinberg

“A simple, pragmatic approach – a roadmap for any sales leader, new or experienced” Mike Jeffrey, Paychex

What everyone is saying

Breton Caplan

Senior Director of Americas Sales Enablement

1st time I read "New Sales. Simplified" was on kindle. I highlighted so many key insights that when I tried printing them I hit the 15% limit on amount of text I could export. You will LOVE this read!!!

Colin Cartwright

Systems Sales Manager

Yep - it's one of the best books on generating new sales. I got a tremendous amount of value from this book and Mike's other two books.

Greg Parsons

Senior Manager

This book should be required reading for anyone entering sales or needing some inspiration in your sales career. Mike does a great job of “keeping it real”. You will need to read #SalesTruth as a follow up!

Rick Hosea


Enjoy! It’s my all time favorite, I have read and listened to it many times over. It is a must for those truly committed to sales growth.

Pete Primeau


I'm listening for the umpteenth time. Still pulling gold nuggets out of it. The Best B2B Sales Prospecting Book Ever!

Tatu Leppanen


Launched my sales career to space. One day driving from a customer meeting I thought "Man maybe I don't know that much about sales... I'll try audio books". I started with this and from there on I have gained income, reputation, amazing clients and best of all I'm now friends with many new like minded sales people.

Thanks Mike Weinberg for changing my life, truly 👌🏻

Mike Sullivan

Senior Sales Manager

Great book! Especially like the Sharpening your sales story chapter. Have gone through that exercise at multiple companies and while hunting for a sales role! If you can, check out Mike Weinbergs podcast, Episode 6

Nicole Robinson

Business Development Representative

You’re gonna need the real paper version .... you’ll be highlighting most of it ... it’s soooo good!

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