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Post-Sabbatical Takeaways on People, Places and My Professional Life

Not sure why it took working full-time for 35 years before pulling the trigger to make this happen, but I am so thankful that I finally listened to advisors, mentors, friends, and peers telling me to do it. I recently completed my first-ever sabbatical. 30 days off… The entire experience was wonderful, instructive, life-giving, convicting,

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16 Years Ago Today, This Happened the Hole After I Broke a Window

After spending ten weeks on the road in Q1 (mostly doing sessions for sales kickoff meetings), it’s great to be back home. I’ve been looking forward to some office time, catching up with clients, and the chance to finally put together a handful of new engagements.  It’s only midday Tuesday and I just wrapped up

It Doesn’t Matter Whether…

Sales Friends, There is a lot of noise, confusion, and concern right now about what lies ahead regarding the economy and it seemed liked the perfect time to post this reminder for the sales community: Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether… – The economy is booming or about to go bust – The donkeys or elephants control

Game Changing Takeaways for Salespeople and Sales Leaders

It all started with a thank you note from a sales leader.  Drew Ellis of SAP was so specific in what he shared in a LinkedIn message that I appreciatively replied asking for a short Zoom meeting so I could learn more. It was in that conversation that he dropped so much sales and sales

5 “Heroic” Actions That Sabotage Sales Leaders 

There are effectively two types of sales leaders… The Hero and the Hero-Maker It’s easy to see why so many sales leaders fall into the trap of playing the hero. There are lots of common causes: You’re under pressure to deliver results so you do what you’ve always done – you jump in and get

4 Very Common Causes for Lack of New Opportunity Creation

During a recent virtual workshop for a client’s global sales leaders, two little words made the entire group of sales leaders squirm: Pipeline health. You could feel the virtual room tightening up at the mere mention of it. The reason why quickly became clear—their teams were struggling to create enough opportunities at the top of

Sales Lessons from St. Peter’s Cinderella Story

I’m heartbroken. While the rest of the country is enjoying and celebrating St. Peter’s Cinderella storybook run through the Men’s NCAA March Madness Tournament, my family is licking its wounds in utter disbelief. Nothing against this fun team of overachievers from Jersey City, their great coach, and this amazing heartwarming story. It’s awesome. As a

Stop Falling All Over Yourself Thanking Prospects & Customers for Their Time

It has been the fastest, craziest start to a year that I can remember, and even the over-the-top, ominous coverage of Omicron hasn’t put a damper on the kickoff of Sales Kickoff Season meetings.  As I recently posted on LinkedIn, for all the logistical chaos created by clients postponing or converting conferences from in-person to

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Obedient Order-Taker and Yes-Men/Women Salespeople Don’t Win More Business

Sales Friends, I get it. We want to be liked. We want to be seen as responsive. We want to show customers that we care and that we listen and that we can follow instructions…  All of those things are wonderful.  But there’s just one little problem:  very often defaulting to our prospect’s (or their

The ROI Is Huge for Those Who Implement

This is Trevor. He’s the senior executive of a company he founded in the UK. He’s also an amazing human being. I think it is fair to say that after the few days we just spent together at our Supercharge Your Sales Leadership event in Atlanta, our relationship crossed from client-coach to friends. The way


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