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The Proper View of Sales Makes a Huge Difference

Last week I led a full-day workshop for a sales team that was challenged to transition from living as “service reps” who served customers and maintained their territories into proactive sellers focused on revenue growth. Let’s just say that it was a fun assignment and it had been a long time since I had the

This MLB Manager Blew It Relying Solely on Analytics Rather Than His Eyes

Even if you’re not a baseball fan or didn’t see the final World Series game last week, there was a simple, yet colossal, lesson for anyone who manages people:It’s important to see things (observe your people working) with your own eyes!To the horror of baseball fans across the country, Tampa Bay Rays’ manager Kevin Cash

Straight Talk About Self-Accountability and the Primary Job of Salespeople

A client executive recently asked for some language to help new salespeople grasp the importance of pipeline self-accountability and accountability to sales management. After seeing the exec’s appreciation for what I suggested, I had the thought that this simple, straight forward advice might be helpful to you, as well. So, whether you’re a sales leader

Blown Away by These Responses!

Happy Friday and I hope this has been a great week for you. We’ve been blown away by the response to our new course, YOUR SALES STORY!  It’s a thrill getting this type of feedback from sellers and sales leaders who have already gone through the modules and are experiencing the benefits from sharpening their most

Nothing Will Increase Your Confidence or Sales Effectiveness Faster

Nothing will increase your sales effectiveness faster than sharpening YOUR SALES STORY. The “Sales Story” is my single favorite sales topic, the basis of the most popular chapters in my bestselling books, and the single most requested topic when I speak to sales teams, because… When YOUR SALES STORY is great, everything in sales becomes easier!Your confidence

Compelling Messaging = Confidence

Sales is hard, and as someone who’s sold many different products and services in a variety of industries, I can tell you first-hand that it is even harder when you lack confidence because your messaging is weak. Confidence is a very significant component of sales success, and when you are not confident in your messaging (YOUR

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Your Sales Story Is Always Critical but Even More So Right Now

Your messaging, what I often refer to as the “Sales Story,” is your single most important sales weapon because pieces of your story end up in all your other weapons – prospecting call outlines, voicemails, emails, social media profiles and messages, discovery meetings, presentations, and proposals.  YOUR SALES STORY is always critical to your sales success and

Our Prospecting Messaging Should Be Like an Appetizer at a Fine Restaurant

Salespeople struggle with prospecting for many reasons – a bad attitude, lack of confidence, poor calendar management, accepting the first “no,”, listening to fools preaching that the phone is dead, giving up too soon, etc. While those shortcomings certainly reduce a seller’s effectiveness, there is an even more deadly sales sin that destroys our chances

Opting Out is Not an Option; We Need to Do Our Jobs

The resumption of professional sports has put some extra wind in my sails and also brings a few lessons for salespeople and sales leaders.Not sure if you feel this way, but for me it’s a relief tuning into ESPN and NOT seeing yet one more week of Regional Cornhole Championships! I’m still perplexed that network

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Obedient Order-Taker and Yes-Men/Women Salespeople Don’t Win More Business

Sales Friends, I get it. We want to be liked. We want to be seen as responsive. We want to show customers that we care and that we listen and that we can follow instructions…  All of those things are wonderful.  But there’s just one little problem:  very often defaulting to our prospect’s (or their

The ROI Is Huge for Those Who Implement

This is Trevor. He’s the senior executive of a company he founded in the UK. He’s also an amazing human being. I think it is fair to say that after the few days we just spent together at our Supercharge Your Sales Leadership event in Atlanta, our relationship crossed from client-coach to friends. The way


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