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You Are Building Relationships with Prospects Who Have Yet to Respond

“No one answers their phone anymore.”“I leave a voicemail but don’t get called back.”“I’ve messaged the contact on LinkedIn and sent an email but am not getting replies.”There’s a section of Chapter 11 in my latest book, Sales Truth, titled Earn the Callback with Perseverance,” and it contains some of my least popular advice. I

When Your Prospect Says No to Your Request for a Meeting

The reality is that no matter how well you do early on in your proactive call to a prospective client, very likely, the response to your first request for a meeting is going to be “No.” This, my sales friends, is where we separate true sales hunters absolutely committed to securing early stage meetings from those sellers

Independence Day Mid-Year Message: Get Your Mind & Heart Prepared

I’m more than ready to shut it down for the long holiday weekend here in the US and I imagine that you are, tooWrapping up the most bizarre first-half of a year in our careers and pausing to reflect, refresh, and hopefully recharge this weekend, I’m sharing a few strong thoughts in this video for

The Phone is Very Much Alive and Well

I either chuckle (or say bad words) when I read from today’s nouveau (faux) sales experts that the phone is dead and you’re a moron, or a luddite, for even attempting to use the phone to secure a meeting or to sell. Ha!The telephone has made an amazing comeback over the past few years. So

[Sales Leaders] Increase Sales Team Accountability and Your Productivity

Due to canceled travel and a generous bonus offer we made during a pre-launch webinar for the Sales Management. Simplified. Video Coaching Series, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to conduct 1:1 coaching calls with dozens of executives and sales managers in the past two months.And while I’ve absolutely loved these energizing 1:1 conversations with sales

Receiving Reports of Record Sales Success

Three months ago, when we began “locking down,” I challenged sellers and sales leaders to choose positivity and perseverance over pity parties and panic heading into these scary, unprecedented times. In online posts and during public webinars and private client sessions, I boldly predicted that we would see some truly amazing sales performances as certain

What Happened with George Floyd is Not Okay and I Can No Longer Look Away

I did not want to write this post.I wanted to write to salespeople about how to Win More NEW SALES and to sales leaders about increasing sales management effectiveness. I have a whole list of new posts queued up — from recent observations that cover everything from overly relational sales managers afraid to have fact/data-based

The Not So Secret to Sales Success (during & after a crisis)

I’ve got a little (not so) secret for you: Whether we’re attempting to create sales opportunities, fill our pipeline, and maximize results while navigating a once in a lifetime pandemic, or we are selling during “normal” (good) times, the basics are the basics. Said differently, the very same best practices that drive sales success when we’re not

Winning Has a Price

My younger son and I have spent the last few Sunday evenings watching “The Last Dance” mini-series about the career of Michael Jordan. This series is more than just hitting the spot or scratching my sports itch during this bizarre “sportsless” season of life. It is amazingly well done and the storylines captivating. Even if you couldn’t care

A Pandemic is NOT a Pass for Poor Sales Call Structure

Extra empathy? Yes. I’m all for it. Positivity?  Absolutely. I’ve been preaching it in six consecutive posts. Proactive Calling.  You better, you better, you bet. I’ve seen an uptick in all three, and for the most part, am impressed with how sellers are demonstrating high levels of EQ and empathy, remaining positive and sharing positivity, and proactively pursuing

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Obedient Order-Taker and Yes-Men/Women Salespeople Don’t Win More Business

Sales Friends, I get it. We want to be liked. We want to be seen as responsive. We want to show customers that we care and that we listen and that we can follow instructions…  All of those things are wonderful.  But there’s just one little problem:  very often defaulting to our prospect’s (or their

The ROI Is Huge for Those Who Implement

This is Trevor. He’s the senior executive of a company he founded in the UK. He’s also an amazing human being. I think it is fair to say that after the few days we just spent together at our Supercharge Your Sales Leadership event in Atlanta, our relationship crossed from client-coach to friends. The way


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