The Not So Secret to Sales Success (during & after a crisis)

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I’ve got a little (not so) secret for you:

Whether we’re attempting to create sales opportunities, fill our pipeline, and maximize results while navigating a once in a lifetime pandemic, or we are selling during “normal” (good) times, the basics are the basics.

Said differently, the very same best practices that drive sales success when we’re not dealing with a bizarre virus, a government imposed lockdown, and the nuances of #WFH, are the ones we need to master to succeed now during this crisis – and to set ourselves up to absolutely rocket fuel our results for the coming recovery.

So, if you were being completely honest, how confident are you that you’ve completely nailed these critical elements of your sales attack?

1. You are 100% confident in your “sales story” and are certain that your messaging is not only on target, but compelling. Your messaging (in phone calls, voicemails, emails, social media posts and messages, and in discovery meetings, presentations, and proposals) does exactly what you need it to – it gets attention, credentials you, differentiates your offering, justifies your premium pricing, AND gets the customer to lower their defenses, piques their interest, and view you and your company as value-creators.

2. You are 100% confident in your ability to secure meetings with target accounts. You have the right mindset about prospecting and are neither afraid nor unwilling to proactively pursue (and interrupt) people who are not expecting to hear from you. You expect and know how to handle resistance and you’ve mastered leaving a sequence of messages that earn you a response and a meeting.

3. You are 100% confident in how you structure and conduct initial/early stage sales calls (discovery meetings). You don’t wing it. You have a plan and a process that works. You don’t do the “show up and throw up” thing or present or demo before doing discovery. You know how to pivot from rapport building to business by sharing your plan for the meeting and getting the customer’s input and buy-in. And near the end of the meeting you are very comfortable actively fleshing out objections, defining and gaining commitment for next steps.

4. You are 100% confident that you “own” your calendar and are maximizing your productivity. You are good at being “selfishly productive” and delegating or deleting the distractions and low-value activities that prevent you from working on the only three sales verbs that matter – creating, advancing, and closing sales opportunities. You spread your time and focus across accounts and opportunities at various stages of the sales cycle and you are laser-focused on the precious few highest-payoff activities that drive New Sales.

You can tell me that we’re in a crisis now and that things are different. You can tell me that you are much better in person than on the phone or over Zoom. You can tell me that you’re a relationship seller and that I don’t understand your specific business. That’s great. All of that might be true, or partially true… 

But this is what I am telling you with 100% certainty: Every successful proactive, new business development focused salesperson has mastered those fundamentals above. And, no, that’s not a comprehensive list. There’s more to selling (target account selection, consensus building, EQ and likability, ability to influence, presenting, proposal writing, etc.). But those four fundamentals are essential for sales success. They’re table stakes.

Whether you’ve been really successful at selling for a long time, or you’re newer to sales, or you’ve been struggling to win new business, nothing will help you WIN MORE NEW SALES than mastering those four fundamentals… 

And that is exactly why I’ve put together the most powerful and valuable bonus offers to supplement the New Sales. Simplified Video Coaching Series.

Along with the 9 video modules and comprehensive 66-page workbook that unpacks the proven concepts from this 7-year bestseller, I am going to teach live online group sessions on these four big topics: 

  • Sharpening Your Sales Story
  • Powering Up Your Prospecting
  • Structuring & Conducting More Effective Discovery Meetings
  • Maximizing Your Sales Productivity

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your new business development sales game to an entirely new level! This is my very best work to help salespeople Win More NEW SALES at the lowest price ever offered with the most powerful bonuses.

These bonus offers and special pricing expire at midnight tonight. Click here to check out the New Sales. Simplified. Video Coaching Series.

Take advantage of this unique time in history. Maximize your results now and set yourself up to win big coming out of this crisis!

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