November 12, 2017

Announcing OutBound – The #1 Sales Conference for 2018: Prospecting. Pipeline. Productivity.

Last April, Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter, Anthony Iannarino and I launched the first OutBound Conference (pictured above). It was a sales conference for salespeople and sales leaders who wanted to take ownership of creating their own sales opportunities, responsibility for filling their sales funnels, and to experience success bringing in record amounts of New Sales. We were […]

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July 10, 2017

30 Things I Wish Salespeople Would STOP…

I am tired of seeing salespeople flailing, failing and whining, quoting morons and false teachers, executing horrendous sales process, acting like amateurs, and shooting their own sales effort in the foot. The list below stemmed from a twitter rant several years ago where I reeled off consecutive tweets proclaiming what I wish salespeople would STOP doing […]

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July 3, 2017

2017 Halftime Sales Check-In and Challenges

When I was about 25 I remember telling my step-grandfather that it seemed like the years kept getting shorter and Christmas came around sooner every year. He replied, “Mitch, at my age, it feels like Christmas comes every other week!” Well, not sure how quickly the first-half of 2017 went by for you, but to […]

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