March 2, 2018

Where is Your Strategic, Finite Target Account List?

Where is Your Strategic, Finite Target Account List? Selecting “Targets” is the first step in the New Sales Driver framework outlined in New Sales. Simplified. Selecting Targets is first for a reason. It’s one of the very few chances we (in sales) have to be strategic. If we’re really honest, most of what we in […]

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November 22, 2017

I. Am. Thankful.

I love Thanksgiving. Family. Friends. Football. FOOD. A chance to exhale and rest after sprinting through the Fall Selling Season. All the fun of a giant holiday without the shopping and gift-giving and gift-receiving stress. Like many of you reading this, I ran hard this year – as hard as I’ve ever run. More work. […]

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November 15, 2017

Why Salespeople Should Write and Present Individual Business Plans

It is surprising how few sales organizations ask their people to draft annual sales (business) plans. For fifteen years I I’ve witnessed the power of having every member of the sales team write, and when possible, present, business plans to sales management, senior execs, or even better, to the members of sales team. Why Individual […]

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November 12, 2017

Announcing OutBound – The #1 Sales Conference for 2018: Prospecting. Pipeline. Productivity.

Last April, Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter, Anthony Iannarino and I launched the first OutBound Conference (pictured above). It was a sales conference for salespeople and sales leaders who wanted to take ownership of creating their own sales opportunities, responsibility for filling their sales funnels, and to experience success bringing in record amounts of New Sales. We were […]

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