A FIX for two of your biggest sales challenges (lack of new opportunities and getting commoditized)

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From my work with hundreds of sales teams across dozens of industries, it sure seems like these are two of the biggest challenges most sellers and sales teams face:

  1. Lack of success creating new opportunities and filling the top of the funnel (pipeline).
  2. Getting commoditized and viewed/treated as nothing more than a “vendor” instead of as value-creators, professional problem-solvers, and trusted advisors.

And while there are myriad of causes for these two significant sales maladies, very often it is weak, self-focused, ineffective messaging playing a major factor in salespeople not successfully creating new opportunities or not being able to differentiate themselves (and their company/solution) from the competition.

The fastest way to increase prospecting effectiveness (and confidence) and help justify premium pricing along with differentiating from competitors is to sharpen YOUR SALES STORY.

Your story (messaging) is your most critical sales weaponbecause pieces of your story get deployed throughout the entire selling process (emails, prospecting calls, social media profiles and messages, voicemail, early-stage sales calls, presentations, proposals). 

If you’d like to secure more meetings, create more new opportunities, and position yourself/company/solution more effectively to avoid getting commoditized and perceived as nothing more than a vendor, then the time is now to sharpen YOUR SALES STORY. This just happens to be my single favorite (and most demanded) sales topic, and my bestselling and lowest-cost online course. 

Let’s get more opportunities into the top of your funnel and do better at avoiding the procurement pit and commoditization by upgrading and your messaging and sharpening YOUR SALES STORY today.

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