6 Practical Tips to Power-Up Your Prospecting

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It’s pretty safe to assume that just about all of us in sales and sales leadership agree that we’d like to see salespeople securing more meetings with prospective customers.

However, the method for HOW sellers should go about securing those meetings is an area where this is a surprising amount of disagreement.

Several episodes of my recently launched podcast have touched on prospecting in one way or another. Whether it was the rock star sales leader, Dana, the true-blue A-player sales hunter, Dominic, or the latest episode with prolific author and sales guru extraordinaire, Jeb, each made the case for the importance of traditional prospecting and shared how the telephone was still integral to their (or their team’s) sales success.

The feedback from ALL of these episodes was so strong and so positive, that I decided to dedicate an entire show to the topic of prospecting. And since there is still so much noise and confusion about this topic, with many supposed sales “experts” falsely preaching that prospecting is dead and the telephone is no longer an effective sales tool, I felt compelled to set the record straight while offering…

Six Proven, Practical Tips to Power-Up Your Prospecting:

  1. Proper Attitude & Mindset
  2. Pinpoint Focus
  3. Precise Objective
  4. Powerful Messaging
  5. Pushing Past Resistance
  6. Persistence & Perseverance

So, if…

  • You’re ready to start securing more meetings with target prospects and creating more new sales opportunities than ever, and
  • You’ve come to realize that many newer alternatives to traditional prospecting are not delivering anywhere near the results they were promised to…

Check out this latest episode, where I make the strongest case possible that the old-fashioned phone is still one of the most effective sales tools to deliver our message and secure a meeting or conversation with a strategically selected target account.

I tackle everything from getting your mind and motivation right before picking up the phone to providing my very best tips on how to respond when your prospect says “no” to your request for a meeting.

You can listen right here and be sure to check out the list of my favorite resources (in the show notes) to help you improve your prospecting game.

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