February 22, 2021

by Mike Weinberg

6 Practical Tips to Power-Up Your Prospecting

Would you (or your sales team) like to secure more meetings with prospective customers?

Realizing that many newer alternatives to traditional prospecting are not delivering the promised results? Confused by supposed sales experts preaching that prospecting is dead and the telephone is no longer an effective sales tool? Ready to start creating more sales opportunities than ever?

In this episode, Mike Weinberg makes a strong case that the old-fashioned phone is still one of the most effective sales tools to deliver your message and secure a meeting or conversation with a strategically selected target account. Listen as he unpacks…

Six Proven, Practical Tips to Power-Up Your Prospecting:

  1. Proper Attitude & Mindset
  2. Pinpoint Focus
  3. Precise Objective
  4. Powerful Messaging
  5. Pushing Past Resistance
  6. Persistence & Perseverance

Mike tackles everything from getting your mind and motivation right before picking up the phone to providing his very best tips on how to respond when your prospect says “no” to your request for a meeting.

A few highlights

4:11 – there is STILL so much noise, nonsense and confusion about what works and what doesn’t work for creating new sales opportunities

7:42 – why the phone works so well for getting a prospect’s attention and securing a meeting

13:20 – use every means necessary

15:16 – stop turning prospecting into something bigger and scarier than it is

18:50 – a proper mindset and your WHY (motivation for making calls)

19:20 – Mike’s dad’s best sales advice

19:59– you’re not a nuisance or a bother; you’re calling to rescue the prospect

22:05 – Mike’s contrarian advice: the prospecting call is not to qualify; it’s to secure a meeting. Qualify later – in the discovery conversation. YOU WANT THE MEETING.

24:10 – prospecting messaging should be just like an appetizer at a very fine restaurant

27:03 – George Costanza, Sales Coach

28:05 – being ready and willing to bounce off of that first “no” and Mike’s best tip for how to respond to the prospect who rejects your first “ask” to meet with you

31:51 – special coaching for the highly relational, conflict-averse salesperson

32:28 – the universal objection buster: “the money line”

35:51 – keys to winning with voicemail

41:05 – Mike answer listeners’ questions

42:56 – when your customer uses Covid restrictions as the reason not to meet

45:41 – the only three sales verbs that matter, and the best practice for dividing your time and focus across accounts and opportunities at various stages of the sales cycle

46:42 – the #1 accountability question to ask yourself weekly and monthly

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