An Anniversary Celebration for Sales Leaders

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Time flies. It is hard to believe it’s been five years since the release of Sales Management. Simplified.

To THANK SALES LEADERS for making it the best-selling, most reviewed, and most highly-rated sales management book of the past five years, we’re throwing a massive 5th Anniversary Celebration to celebrate… sales leaders!

SALES LEADERS are the key – the key to driving sales results, leading their teams, and creating healthy, high-performance sales cultures, so each day over the next week I’ll be back with something new…a gift for you…to increase sales management effectiveness. Stay tuned for powerful tips and tools to help you lead more effectively, have more fun, and win more New Sales.

Today, I’m excited to announce our first thank-you gift, and it’s a biggie:


Not sure how you’re feeling, but if your situation is anything like the majority of sales executives and managers I observe (especially during this crazy Covid season), there’s a good chance you’re maxed-out. So many sales leaders are working 60+ hours per week, processing a ton of corporate crap and a crazy volume of emails and online meetings. Many (even highly successful) managers are overwhelmed and exhausted, yet as hard as they’re working, they know they can be, and need to be, more productive.

Join me for this special session. I’ll be bold and blunt about the parts of your job stealing your life, and I will share the secrets of today’s most effective and efficient sales leaders who have found ways to accomplish more sales management in less time.

Here’s my promise: After attending this free session, instead of feeling maxed-out you’ll leave energized to implement practical takeaways to maximize your productivity.

PS   I. Cannot. Wait. to share tomorrow’s surprise with you; it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for years.

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