It Doesn’t Matter Whether…

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Sales Friends,

There is a lot of noise, confusion, and concern right now about what lies ahead regarding the economy and it seemed liked the perfect time to post this reminder for the sales community:

Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether…

– The economy is booming or about to go bust

– The donkeys or elephants control congress after the mid-term election on Tuesday

–  Our friends in the UK are on their third prime minister in three months

–  Selling virtually or visiting prospective customers in-person

–  We are getting squeezed by supply chain shortages or slipping into a slowdown

There are five foundational keys for driving MORE NEW SALES (regardless of market condition, politics, or what the bandwagon jumpers in the sales improvement industry on LinkedIn are telling us). Join me on Thursday, November 10 for a short, free session. I will be sharing blunt #salestruth and unpacking these five keys to maximizing sales, finishing this year strong and setting ourselves up to win as many NEW SALES as possible in 2023!

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