April 14, 2021

by Mike Weinberg

This Strong, Strategic Senior Exec Will Stretch You as a Sales Leader

No sales leader has pushed and challenged Mike as hard his guest for this powerful episode. Take a listen as Mike leans in with Dennis Sorenson – one of the strongest and most strategic senior executives with whom he’s worked.

You’ll be stretched as Dennis and Mike tackle…

  • The true role of a sales leader
  • The importance of dreaming big and asking, “what’s possible?” 
  • Why sales leaders should invest more time with their best people
  • How deep preparation is key for critical customer meetings and penetrating key accounts
  • How sales process and sales culture intersect
  • Sweating the details, leaning in, and getting your hands dirty 
  • Strong advice for newly promoted sales leaders
  • Salespeople needing to focus on their primary job – selling
  • Why too many senior leaders and executives are distant and clueless 

Mike also shares his excitement about resuming in-person Supercharge Your Sales Leadership Elite Events in the second half of 2021. Sign-up for more info at mikeweinberg.com/events.

A few highlights

1:57 – no client has pushed or challenged Mike to raise his game more than Dennis

4:47 – Dennis’ passion to be prepared

5:06 – the power of your subconscious mind

5:44 – family mentors and role models’ influence

9:17 – Dennis: “show me what good looks like”

9:50 – hear how a strong leader asks questions and stretches salespeople to think bigger and maximize revenue within an account

11:28– “plan for ambition and let quota happen” – start by exploring “total possibility”

12:46 – mindset: think differently and develop new muscle memory

13:57 – great sales managers stick their hands-in and help shape a seller’s vision, plan, preparation, and practice

14:38 – it’s more fun working with big numbers!

15:08 – increasing your sales team’s business acumen

18:43 – pushing average performers to take it to a new level

21:01 – Dennis’ use of Mike’s three favorite sales verbs (create, advance, close) and the need to ensure our sellers are proficient at all three

24:03 – one of the greatest stories ever demonstrating how strategic preparation for customer meetings pays off (and why we should often NOT follow our customer’s lead)

28:58 – a huge career and geographical move (from the Western US to London)

32:20 – where leaders are supposed to be and why so many senior leaders and executives are clueless

34:27 – strong advice for newly promoted leaders: spend time with your people and listen to them

37:41 – salespeople need to sell (not chasing invoices and customer success tickets)

39:49 – exciting news from Mike

41:44 – Mike’s takeaways from the conversation with Dennis and four challenge questions for listeners


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