Episode 32

Great Sales Management Execution Produces Exponentially Greater Sales Results (than anything else)

with Special Guests and a Special Invite

This may be Mike’s all-time favorite sales management conversation as he hosts his favorite international sales management experts, Tony Cross and Alan Versteeg.

If you believe in the fundamentals and appreciate the blunt truth about sales, this episode is for you! 

Tony and Alan’s specialty is sales management execution, and triggered by Mike’s questions, they hold nothing back and provide more tweetable one-liners than you’ll be able to capture.

Buckle up as these three make the strong case that executing the fundamentals well (particularly accountability and coaching) drives exponentially more sales results than anything else, and specifically more than simply “enabling” sellers. 

Take a listen as Mike and his guests address…

  • How it feels like the lunatics are running the asylum as sales leaders have been blinded by shiny, new, fancy toys and ignoring the fundamentals 
  • Why sales managers were often more effective decades ago when they were “in-field” and laser-focused on coaching sellers
  • That after all the hype and major investment in enablement, there has not been a proportional increase in sales effectiveness; in fact, the opposite has occurred
  • The problem with “execution” often lies with senior executives who have lost sight of the sales leader’s primary job and highest-value activities

Mike and his guests also preview a special one-day event they are co-hosting in London on September 14. Sales leaders in UK, be sure to check out Sales Execution Simplified. All of Mike’s previous trips to Europe have been private events hosted by his clients. This is the first time he is doing a session with public availability for sales leaders! More info here: https://event.growthmattersintl.com/ses22/