Episode 58

Check Your Ego. Don’t Play Hero. Prepare & Prioritize to Minimize Stress & Ensure Success

with Special Guest

Drew Ellis

Episode 58 kicks off an exciting series around the launch of Mike’s newest book!  

While the publisher asked Mike to write The First-Time Manager: Sales specifically for newer (and aspiring) managers, every. single. executive. who read an advance copy commented that it’s a must-read for experienced leaders too… Fresh perspectives and fresh stories from the field, along with simplified frameworks and uber-practical tips for everything from coaching, to addressing underperformance, connecting on a heart-level with your people, and even interviewing best practices.

This new series features respected sales leaders whose best practices and wisdom were featured in the book. Mike will share more of the backstory along with an overview and why he agreed to write this particular book in the next episode, but in today’s show, he hosts sales leader extraordinaire Drew Ellis who highlights the need for the mental, physical, calendar, and (even) financial discipline required to win big as a sales leader. 

The wide-ranging conversation offers invaluable insights for both individuals transitioning into management roles and seasoned managers seeking to refresh and upgrade their effectiveness as a leader.

 Drew and Mike tackle critical topics including:

  • The importance of focus and prioritization 
  • The benefit of a calendar that looks like a coloring book
  • The power of the word “no”
  • The reality check when stress (all by itself) puts you in the hospital
  • The need to check your ego when moving into management
  • The danger (and lack of scalability and sustainability) when managers play sales team hero

Listen closely as Drew, in no uncertain terms, strongly reminds managers that there are no awards or bonus points for being a good corporate citizen and checking all the boxes if your sales team misses its number. And please allow his story of ending up in ER (solely from stress) and what a wise doctor told him to help you not only reconsider your priorities but also to refocus your energy on the precious few management activities that truly move the needle.


Get a sneak peek at the reaction to Mike’s new book, the contents, introduction, and a sample chapter HERE.

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