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Welcome to the world of sales, where the one constant you can bank on is the noise from so-called experts and thought leaders who want to convince you everything has changed and that you need their latest tools, toys, or tricks to stay even or get ahead of the pack. Yet, ironically, it seems that the more of these new miracle solutions you adopt, the harder it is to get results.

In Sales Truth, bestselling author, speaker, and consultant, Mike Weinberg offers a blunt wake-up call to salespeople and sales leaders on how to get past the noise and nonsense, so you can start winning more New Sales.

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“You likely have never before gasped while reading a sales book, so brace yourself for some real, honest, potentially painful truths including a debunking of my personal favorite sales myth that "everything has changed.” You will be a better salesperson and sales leader after implementing these #SalesTruths. Do yourself a favor and read this book now.” 

- Andrea Waltz, Co-Author, Go for No! 

“It is rare that a book speaks a truth so strongly and so clearly that it defines an era. Sales Truth is that book. Weinberg tells the #SalesTruth in his blunt, inimitable style, delivered with a sense of humor, and heavy on the practical, tactical approach that is his trademark.

- Anthony Iannarino

Author, Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition 

“Bold. Blunt. Truth. Mike will disrupt your thinking and challenge you with simple sales solutions as only he can. Proceed with caution -- powerful insights on every page.”

-Mark Hunter, Author of High-Profit Prospecting

“Mike Weinberg has done it again. He obliterates all of the latest shiny sales shortcuts and reorients us towards real selling and real results. #SalesTruth will leave you motivated and ready to kick butt.  Happy hunting!”

-Evan Waldman, CEO, Essex Industries

“The #SalesTruth is in this book, and it’s on a short list of the most impactful books about professional selling I’ve ever read. Absolute gems include the “Bridge Line” in Chapter 10, the “Money Line” in Chapter 11, and the “Not-So-Extraordinary” keys to success in Chapter 15 could alone double your revenue!”

-Jeff Bajorek, Host of The Why and The Buy Podcast

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