2 Contrarian Tips to Close More Deals Faster Plus an Incredible Online Sales Summit

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Several of my favorite go-to sales guru friends and I (the usual gang who’ve being doing webinars together lately) were asked to contribute a session the Sales Kickoff Summit 2016. It’s a HUGE two-day event featuring more than 30 sales experts and we were happy to lend our support, names, and ideas.

Here’s the question my friends and I will tackle for the entirety of our 30-minute session:

How do you close more (big) deals faster?  I love the question and know it will spark a variety of perspectives from the five (Austin, Hunter, Iannarino, Spence & me)  of us which you’ll get to hear during the webinar.

Spoiler Alert:  I am going to break the question down into two smaller questions and offer these contrarian tips:

  1.  To close more deals, we need to spend less time obsessing about the precious few hot opportunities in the pipeline. Way too many salespeople spend way too much time “playing” with hot deals and way too little time working the top of the funnel to create a sufficient number of new opportunities. Said differently, if you’re having trouble closing enough new business, I’d argue that in many cases, you don’t have a closing problem; you have an opening problem. I’ll unpack that answer further during our session.
  2. To close deals faster you probably need to slow down. Counterintuitive? Yes, but often that’s the trick. Stop rushing to presentation mode! Just because your prospect requests a demo or presentation, that doesn’t mean it’s the right time to do it. Way too often, we present, demo, or propose way too soon. That’s why so many deals go dark. If you want to speed up your sale then slow down and do more thorough discovery work before rushing blindly through the sales process (honestly, you’re really just defaulting to the buyer’s process which doesn’t typically work out so well for us – does it?). Again, my friends and I will share more in-depth responses to this question during the web broadcast. We’ve also got a few other great success (and horror) stories we plan to share. So don’t miss our session!

Join my friends and me, along with incredible speakers and thought leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk, Alice Heiman, Mark Roberge, Tim Sanders, Trish Bertuzzi, Aaron Ross, Jill Rowley, Ken Krogue and many more. The live event starts tomorrow morning, February 23 at 9:00am Pacific – that’s 11:00am Central, Noon Eastern.

Click here for more info, a list of the guest speakers, and to register. 

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