A Time To Reflect

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My mentor and former sales manager used to declare that sales is as much a matter of the heart as it is about the head.  I had planned to post some fresh sales content last night, but watching the situation in Japan messed up both my mind and my heart.

Seeing your house collapse or having to run for your life from a shaking office building is hard. The ocean swallowing up your neighborhood is hard. Wondering if you’re about to be contaminated by dangerous amounts of radiation is hard. Fearing it’s not over and there could be more quakes or another tsunami – hard. Hearing about thousands of bodies washing ashore – really hard. Calling prospects you don’t know because you may have a solution for their business problem – not so hard.

Honestly, my brain is having a hard time processing the video images. Boats colliding with cars? Shipping containers piled in heap like a bad building-block creation of a 4 year-old? There is no context for these images.

I pray for comfort for those who’ve lost loved ones. I pray for a determined spirit, a quenched thirst and air in the lungs of those survivors still trapped. I pray for courage and safety of those performing search and rescues. I pray for protection from a nuclear nightmare. And maybe most of all, I pray for a vision of restoration and a hope for the future for those directly impacted by this tragedy.

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