Are You More of a Rain Barrel or a Rain Maker?

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I could ask you many specific questions to help diagnose your sales issues and how effectively you are working the top of the funnel and creating new sales opportunities, but this one question truly gets to the heart of the matter very quickly?

Are You More of a Rain Barrel or a Rain Maker?

The reality I observe today across industries, companies, and sales roles is that too many sellers have weak pipelines because they spend way too much time with waiting for opportunities to come to them or chasing opportunities everyone else knows about, too.

The spoils in sales go to the true rainmakers – those who consistently create new opportunities. Those are the salespeople who have the most fun, who are most in-demand, who crush their goals, make the most money, and write their own ticket. There are plenty of sellers who can fulfill inbound demand and play order-taker, but there are far fewer A-players who know exactly what to do to consistently make rain!

If you’d like to up your new business development sales game, I’ve got two great opportunities for you. One is in just ten days, is FREE, and doesn’t even require you to leave your office or home. And the other is the best sales conference of the year and it takes place in Atlanta in late April.

The 2019 Virtual Sales Kickoff: March 14th at 11:00am Eastern

This is the 4th Annual Virtual Sales Kickoff hosted by Anthony Iannarino, Mark Hunter, Jeb Blount and me. It’s FREE to you (thanks for for sponsoring the event) and this year we are focusing on one big topic: Helping sellers shift from being rain barrels to becoming successful rainmakers. Join us on March 14th for a hard-hitting hour of straight sales talk from four of the world’s most in-demand authors and speakers. This is not a webinar. It’s a web video meeting. No slides! Just blunt truth and practical help. Watch us mix it up, debunk the myths, and probably even argue a bit. More info and register here. Last year over 8000 people attended. Don’t miss this!

The 2019 OutBound Sales Conference: April 24-26 in Atlanta

This is the 3rd Annual OutBound Conference and due to overwhelming demand, we have moved the event to the Georgia World Congress Center. Jeb, Mark, Anthony and I have expanded the conference to include two full main-stage days and an additional day of training tracks for those purchasing the Elite and VIP tickets. The entire focus of OutBound is Prospecting. Pipeline. Productivity. It’s the highlight of the year for both the speakers and attendees. Check out the amazing lineup of speakers, get more info, and use the code “mike100” to save $100 off any ticket (except the VIP) at



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