Creating High-Performance Sales Teams and Details on My New Book Live Monday on BizLocker Radio

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Every executive and every sales leader craves a high-performance sales team. For that matter, every legit A-player salesperson wants to be part of a winning sales team. What’s unfortunate is how rare it is to find the type of sales leadership and a truly healthy sales culture that promotes and sustains long-term high-performance.

My friend, sales guru Kelly Riggs, invited another friend, sales talent and leadership expert, the irrepressible Jim Keenan, and me to tackle the topic of “Creating High-Performance Sales Teams” live on his radio program. Join Kelly, Jim and me Monday, May 4th at 4:00pm EDT, 3:00 where the cool kids live here in the Central US, 1:00 on the Left Coast.

If you’re in sales, please join us and ask your manager or the senior exec over sales at your company to listen as well. I promise you’ll not only be entertained, but you’ll thank us for telling it like it is and sharing some hard truth about the leadership reasons so many sales team underperform. I’ll also share more details about my new sales management book (including the title!), what compelled me to write it, and a few very practical takeaways that sales leaders can implement immediately to increase the performance of their teams.

For more info on this episode of BizLockerRadio, click here. Or to link right over to the broadcast click here to listen live at 4:00 EDT, 1:00 PDT on Monday, May 4.

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