A Very Different Take on “Closing” From Today’s Top Sales Improvement Expert

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Seven years ago I discovered Anthony Iannarino as I was trying to figure out whom to follow on twitter and which sales blogs to read. The rest, as they say, is history. He’s not just a good friend and someone I greatly admire for his huge brain and wicked discipline (seven straight years of daily blog posts while heading up sales for his always-growing family business AND running a ridiculously successful sales consulting and speaking business – and writing TWO incredible books). Anthony is also the first guy I personally turn to when I need sales help or am trying to figure something out for a client with a sticky sales issue. In fact, I respect him so much, I’ve brought him into a handful of my own clients where he had expertise in areas I didn’t. In my opinion, no one brings more value and more spot-on content to the sales community at-large than he does.

With all of that as the backdrop, it’s my pleasure to point you to Anthony’s just-about-to-be-released-book:  The Lost Art of Closing – Winning the Ten Commitments That Drive Sales. A few times per year, I will recommend to you a new book from an author I trust or something I’ve read that I know you will appreciate. Happy to do that because everyone benefits – you, the author, and myself as well. However, in this case, this book is so important and so valuable, and my relationship with this author  so meaningful to me, that instead of of writing a post, I wanted you to see my face and hear my voice personally asking you to please jump over to watch the launch video for this book. So, feel free to click here to get Anthony’s take on why he wrote The Lost Art of Closing and how it will help you. And if you need a bit more persuasion, watch my message below and then go see his videos. Oh yeah, make sure to watch Video 1 where several of us in the industry make fun of Anthony for the ridiculous title of his first book. Trust me, he deserved the abuse and to get his chops busted!

Check out the the launch video for The Lost Art of Closing

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