December 28, 2020

by Mike Weinberg

Inspired by Current Events: Leading & Selling with Purpose, Passion & Pride

Recently I was so inspired and encouraged by a current event that I had to share my take with listeners knowing that you’ll be inspired, too!

Sales Leaders: We’ve made it this far and we are going to make it to the “other side” of Covid-19! While the over-politicization of everything and the media’s obsession with negative news casts what feels like a dark, depressing, deenergizing shadow, we can finally see light at the end of this bizarre tunnel (pandemic season).

Let me repeat. YOU and your team have made it this far and there are better and certainly easier days ahead! 2020 was long, hard, and challenging, and I know many of you and your sales teams are exhausted. But, NOW is not the time to take your foot off the gas, abandon ship, or abdicate your leadership role. Quite to the contrary, it’s time for us to Lead and Sell with Purpose, Passion, and Pride.

This episode will get sales leaders’ minds and hearts right to kick off the new year and offers you powerful tips to help your team do the same.

A few highlights

  • 7:53 – This isn’t political; this is human —  the miracle of a vaccine!
  • 10:42 – Inspired and fascinated by the complexity of the logistics
  • 12:06 – Pride, purpose, and passion
  • 13:32 – A challenge to sales leaders (in spite of your exhaustion)
  • 15:49 – Look ahead! There is light at the end of this tunnel and normalcy in our future
  • 17:25 – A year-end challenge to engage your sales team
  • 19:08 – You can make it and you will make it!
  • 20:05 – Everyone is depending on your salespeople’s success
  • 21:47The importance of having salespeople draft individual business plans


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