Episode 3

How a Top Producer Prospects, Owns Sales Process, Beats Procurement & Drives Profit

with Special Guest

Dominic Testo

If you’ve ever wanted to hear what a perennial top-producing, true-blue, legit A-Player salesperson sounds like, this is your chance!

Dominic Testo joins me for Episode 3, and after listening to us talk sales, you are going to ask me to bring Dominic and other A-Players back for more.

In this gripping conversation where we cover topics ranging from positivity to prospecting to sales process to procurement to profitability, Dominic shares how a top-producing sales hunter sees himself, his role, his customers, and his duty to make his company successful.

If you love sales, this episode is guaranteed to make you smile and nod, and many will likely shout, “Amen!” as Dominic preaches the gospel on how to masterfully and consistently develop new business. Some sales leaders will use this episode as a blueprint when looking to hire their next sales hunter, and many others will have their current sales teams to listen to it in the hopes that Dominic’s mentality, approach, and confidence will rub off on them.

A few highlights

  • 4:52 – Why Mike invited Dominic on the show
  • 5:38 – What is the mindset of a perennial top producer?
  • 7:07 – The difference between how the majority of salespeople initially responded to Covid-19 vs. how the top 5%of sellers reacted
  • 8:54 – The chasm in performance between top producers and average performers has never been greater!
  • 10:21 – As always, a full pipeline sets you up for success, even in a pandemic
  • 11:20 – How top producers view themselves (and the prospect) and how that affects their ability to prospect
  • 12:37 – Confidence is a game changer for owning sales process
  • 13:56 – Sales is not dirty
  • 17:33 – If you’ve bought into the myth that “prospecting” is dead, skip this section of the episode because will greatly disturb your world view as Dom shares his crazy success prospecting his way into big accounts and how he did it!
  • 22:22 – How does Dominic control his selling process?
  • 23:08 – Whose game do we want to play? We don’t win deals scoring obedience points!
  • 27:12 – The key to being able to tell the procurement weenies to “pound sand”
  • 32:12 – How Dominic worked his way into his #1 monster account dream prospect
  • 36:49 – What top producing salespeople want from their company and senior management
  • 41:46 – Mike shares his own takeaways from the interview and offers challenge questions to help sales leaders maximize their takeaways from the episode