I. Am. Thankful.

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I love Thanksgiving.

Family. Friends. Football. FOOD. A chance to exhale and rest after sprinting through the Fall Selling Season. All the fun of a giant holiday without the shopping and gift-giving and gift-receiving stress.

Like many of you reading this, I ran hard this year – as hard as I’ve ever run. More work. More hours. More travel. More speaking. More everything. It’s good to stop. Actually, it’s better than good; it’s great to come to a hard stop. 

Not sure I’ve ever been more thankful or grateful. Some of that is probably due to age and perspective. Some is certainly circumstantial. And some is simply due to greater awareness of the many blessings in my life, both big and small.

It’s a great time of year to pause and reflect, as good a time as ever – especially for those of us in the U.S. celebrating this holiday – to count our blessings, adopt an attitude of gratitude, and take a posture of overt thankfulness.

This Thanksgiving, I am particularly and specifically thankful for

…You – those who read, use, and share my content. Writing is a lot more fun when you know someone is reading and putting into practice what you write!

…The most incredible and eclectic group of clients who entrust me to help their sales leaders, sales teams, and salespeople. And they not only give me the pleasure of using my gifts and experience to serve them, but they pay me, too, so I can provide for my family and live well!

…Likeminded friends in the sales improvement industry who energize, challenge, influence, and help me – and who promote and endorse the content I create so it reaches more people with more credibility.

…The United States of America. As broken as our federal government appears to be, I remain a proud patriot and could not be more thankful for the freedom we enjoy, those who have sacrificed to keep us safe and free, and the unlimited opportunities available to those who call this great nation home.

…Significant international travel to new and different places that provided unique experiences, a valuable education, and new perspectives.

…Safe, reliable air transportation. Anyone who gets on as many airplanes as I do doesn’t take for granted how incredibly well-designed, well-maintained, and well-piloted these amazing aircraft are.

…The beauty of nature I experienced this past year, whether as dramatic as the Oregon coast or as simple as Des Peres Park down the street where I go for walks and solace.

…Audible – an easy way to digest great books that have opened my mind and enriched my life.

…A talented and passionate team that allows me to do what I do. I’ll share more about them in the very near future as we launch some major new initiatives. BIG. Things. Coming. But for now, I just want to say thank you, especially to Mary, without whom I would have been lost, or worse, this year.

…Friends, mentors, pastors, and advisors who are “for me,” and who speak the truth in love, offering wisdom, affirmation, and correction, and who help point me the right direction and remind me what’s truly important.

…My parents, all three of them :-), whose unconditional love has never been more appreciated. And other family who choose to love, not judge, and who always share a smile, hug or kind word.

…Three healthy, wonderful, talented, confident children who bring their mother and me more joy than we can express. And a shout out to Westminster Christian Academy, Butler University, and Kansas State University for which we so appreciate the experience and education being afforded to our kids.

…The world’s greatest wife, best friend, most supportive life and business partner. There are not enough or appropriate words to describe this incredible woman’s greatness!

…And last and most, I am thankful for a God who loves and accepts a knucklehead like me –  not on the basis of my goodness, or what I do or accomplish, but because of his goodness and grace, and what He has done and accomplished for me.

Yes, I have much for which to be thankful. And I know that, regardless of how you feel right now or your current circumstance, you do, too. Take some time to reflect on the blessings in your life. You’ll be thankful you did.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, many blessings, and a grateful heart.

With a sincere THANK YOU for your readership,


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