I Wish Salespeople Would START…

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It’s certainly easier to critique someone else’s work than it is to create your own. And since my last post sure was critical, it only seemed fair to follow up that rant about what I Wish Salespeople Would STOP with this list of constructive suggestions to increase new business development sales effectiveness.

I wish salespeople would START…

  1. Connecting their own behavior to sales results
  2. Taking back control of their calendars
  3. Visualizing how prospects perceive them
  4. Segmenting existing customers so they can be more strategic with their time
  5. Spending more time prospecting than playing in the CRM
  6. Pursuing contacts higher up in the prospect’s organization
  7. Setting up a sales call by sharing their agenda, and seeking the buyer’s input after sharing the agenda
  8. Structuring sales calls so they listen twice as much as they talk
  9. Converting presentations into dialogues
  10. Asking more thoughtful probing questions that demonstrate competence and expertise
  11. Taking careful notes while listening to a prospect’s answers
  12. Inquiring how purchase decisions will be made before delivering proposals
  13. Recognizing the behavioral style of the buyer
  14. Adapting their own approach and communication style to better connect with different buyers
  15. Picking up the phone instead of being so quick to send an email
  16. Leaving brief, compelling voicemail messages that entice a prospect to call back
  17. Headlining their sales story with issues they address for customers/clients
  18. Showing up early for sales team meetings with a smile and positive attitude
  19. Investing in their own professional and personal development
  20. Acting like every non-sales employee’s livelihood is dependent on their sales success
  21. Training customers to use customer service reps instead of relying on the salesperson for every need
  22. Admitting that little effort = little results when it comes to prospecting for new business
  23. Getting in front of target prospects earlier, so they can lead, rather than follow, the prospect
  24. Being more honest with themselves about the health of their pipelines

Alright. Your turn. Do you disagree with any of these?  Which of your favorites did I miss? Fill in the blank: You wish salespeople would start ______________.


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