I’ve Never Been More Thankful for eaHELP and My Virtual Assistant

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I couldn’t do what I do without my support team. Mary, my virtual assistant, and eaHELP, the company that provides the service, are the MVPs of that team. Right now Mary is handling everything ranging from managing my calendar and email inbox to planning travel around my son’s soccer schedule and existing client commitments to coordinating a redesign of presentation materials used for workshops.

Several times a week I say to myself that my head would explode without Mary (and sometimes I even remember to tell her how much I appreciate what she does for me). I’ve been using a virtual executive assistant for two years, and you can click here to read about that decision process and why I turned to eaHELP for… help. It’s been a business and life-changing experience. The benefit and return to me has been so high that’s it even difficult to calculate the ROI. And, no, I’m not being paid to write this. I felt compelled to share this with you today for two reasons:

1. I was shocked yesterday by the news that the virtual assistant company Zirtual ceased operations and shut down — leaving hundreds and hundreds of clients and executive assistants dazed, surprised, and frankly, screwed.

2. Almost every day I come across executives, entrepreneurs, and even top-producers in sales who spend/waste/burn an enormous amount of hours on low-payoff admin-type activities that drain and distract them from their primary, business-driving jobs!

I don’t know what happened at Zirtual, but I feel for both the clients left in a lurch and the many assistants who lost their source of income. This, however, I do know: eaHELP has been first-class from the very first conversation to this day. I have been made to feel valuable and important in a myriad of ways. Their matching and on-boarding process for new clients is as thorough as you can imagine. My relationship manager is proactive and attentive ensuring that my VA is delivering exactly what I need. They’ve even helped me learn how to pry my fingers off of low-value tasks and offload them to my assistant! And I benefit from how their entire squadron of VA’s interact with each other and share best practices, favorite apps, and new ideas for better serving their clients. I respect and admire eaHELP’s senior management team, their mission and their values. And especially after yesterday’s news, I really appreciate that I can sleep well knowing that they are on stable financial ground.

If you were a client of Zirtual, let me encourage you to take a long look at eaHELP. I’m beyond thrilled with my experience as their client, and I’d be happy to serve as a personal reference and share my story with you. Just send me a note or fill out the contact form and Mary will be happy to find a time that works for both of us 🙂

And if you’re a senior executive or high-output sales star and buried in administrative crap that keeps you from your highest-payoff, highest-value activities, can I challenge you to consider using a virtual assistant? What might happen to your productivity, energy levels, satisfaction, peace of mind, and profitability if you offloaded tasks that someone else would love to handle so you could focus on the precious few things you love to do that move the needle and truly drive business?

Suggested Resource: The Virtual Assistant Solution ebook by Michael Hyatt

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