New Series on Telephone Prospecting / An Invite to Meet Iannarino & Me in NYC Oct. 17

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I’ve got two announcements for you: First, I’m kicking off a new series of blog posts focused exclusively on telephone prospecting with the goal of helping you absolutely master the phone to increase the number of meetings you secure. We’ll cover everything from our attitude and mindset when it comes to picking up the phone through voice tone and voicemail. And I’ll help you craft your mini-story, stay laser-focused on the objective of the call, and arm you with powerful, effective ways to push past the resistance and auto-reflex “no” we get when asking the buyer to meet with us.

I’m thrilled that many of the “prospecting is dead” charlatans and hucksters have been silenced, or at least minimized, as the general sales population has woken up to realize that, maybe just maybe, tweeting and commenting in LinkedIn groups doesn’t fill a pipeline or feed your kids as well as promised by the #socialselling only crowd. It’s been heartening to see the resurgence in popularity of traditional prospecting, including, I dare say, PICKING UP THE PHONE to call a potential customer. I’m seeing clients have tremendous success securing discovery meetings with strategic target prospects, and I’m looking forward to sharing how they are doing that with you.

telephone-prospectingBefore getting to the second announcement, let me offer you this one teaser thought about telephone prospecting:  I believe you can be building a relationship with someone who has not called you back – yet. Those of you who are prospecting animals know exactly what I mean and I bet you’re having flashbacks right now to giant deals you’ve won that started out with a bunch of unreturned phone messages. And to those of you who think this is nonsense, I promise you it’s not. Furthermore, I promise you that if you truly master the art of prospecting, you’ll fill your funnel exponentially faster than your friends who are sitting around drinking the #socialsellingpermissionmarketing Kool-Aid, writing blog posts, over-tweeting, and commenting on others’ LinkedIn updates!

Meet Anthony Iannarino and Me in NYC on Monday Evening, October 17

New York City Manhattan skyline panorama at night over Hudson River with refelctions viewed from New Jersey

My #1 GoTo Sales Guru, Anthony Iannarino, and I will both be in New York for a client event the week of October 17th, and Mark Birch is taking advantage of this opportunity by hosting us at his NYC Enterprise Sales Meet Up.

Almost 100 percent of the speaking engagements Anthony and I do are private sessions for client sales teams. If you’re in or around NYC, please come join us at 6:00pm on October 17th in Midtown Manhattan for this rare public event. We’ll be talking about sales, sales leadership, and sales success. It will be an interactive session where Mark will moderate the conversation and take questions from the audience. We’ve also giving away a significant number of our bestselling books to attendees. Click here to sign up or for more info. Hope to see you there!

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