Episode 10

Wisdom from a Talented Sales Leader Who Became a Super Successful Senior Executive

with Special Guest

Joe Tarulli, General Manager – Sales Development

In Episode 10 Mike hosts a super successful sales leader and executive, his friend Joe Tarulli.

Be encouraged and challenged as Joe shares the keys to his success along with the key inflection points in his career as he progressed from individual contributor to sales manager to sales development leader to senior executive.

Learn about the power of…

  • Taking an annual sabbatical from social media 
  • Sales managers understanding that they win “through” their people
  • Focusing on making heroes of members of your sales team, not playing sales team hero
  • Sales managers driving amazing results from focusing on the highest-payoff sales management activities
  • A sales leader’s simple and highly effective approach to quickly turning around a struggling business unit 

A few highlights

  • 12:00 – power of selling: find areas to help customers and company achieve goals   
  • 14:45 – what triggered Joe to pivot into sales management 
  • 16:02 – how to make your team successful? be a hero maker, not a hero
  • 17:33 – many managers struggle to delegate from pressure to hit numbers
  • 22:48 – tenets of selling: different ways to sell in different cultures, languages, environments  
  • 28:17 – integrate results from sales development with buy-in and active participation 
  • 35:08 – ready for a new challenge  
  • 40:05– what does it take to win?
  • 44:41 – Mike’s key takeaways and challenges


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