Episode 20

Insecurity About Price and Ineffective Messaging Destroy Sales Performance

Mike pulls no punches wrapping up this mini-series covering the Ugly 8 Common Reasons Sellers Get Relegated to Vendor Status and Commoditized.

Buckle up as Mike takes on salespeople who are either insecure about price or too quick to make it about price (Reason #7). 

The blunt #SalesTruth is that THE JOB of a professional salesperson is to justify the difference between our premium pricing and the lower price of a competitor. That. Is. Our. Job.  Mike confronts sellers who whine that if their price was lower they would sell more with the reality that if they had the best price then we probably wouldn’t need them! Companies who are the low-price leader don’t deploy highly compensated salespeople, do they?

Mike also reminds sellers that the SALES STORY is your most critical weapon and when your story (messaging) is boring, confusing, or self/company/product-focused (Reason #8) and doesn’t articulate the issues you/your solution address and the outcomes you achieve for customers, it is almost impossible to be perceived as a value-creator, advisor, or consultant.

But when your sales story is great, everything changes and everything about sales becomes easier. 

Due to the overwhelming response to this series, Mike is hosting a free Q&A session to take your toughest questions around these common Ugly 8 Reasons sellers get downgraded in the customer’s eyes and treated like just a vendor or commodity seller. Register for that Q&A session at mikeweinberg.com/QandA

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