Episode 21

Selling Through Tough Times

with Special Guest

If we are being honest, most of us like it when things are easy…when the wind is at our back, when we’re on a hot streak, and being carried along by momentum. But unfortunately, that’s not reality – at least for the long-term. We all hit rough patches and end up having to sell or lead a team through tough times. Occasionally, these hard times are predictable, and we can see them coming over the horizon. And at other times, we are totally blindsided by a competitor, a disruptive change in the marketplace, a personal or family hardship, or even a pandemic.

Whatever the cause and whatever the case, the harsh reality is, as this episode’s special guest reminds us, tough times are inevitable. The more important questions are:

  • How do you prepare for tough times?
  • How will you respond when they arrive?
  • How will maximize your success in spite of them?

Paul Reilly, like Mike, is a sales pro through and through. He’s also speaker, sales trainer, and author who literally wrote the book on “Selling Through Tough Times.” 

In this powerful episode Paul and Mike discuss…

  1. Why tough times are good and often catalyze necessary, positive change
  2. The importance of our immediate, initial response to adversity and how resilience drives success
  3. Why tough times (counterintuitively) are often the opportune time to prospect for new business
  4. The powerful effect a manager’s expectations have on the team’s performance – particularly during hard times


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Selling Through Time Times: Buy on Amazon 

More on the book and free chapters to download: https://www.toughtimer.com/book/