Episode 22

Getting Our Sales Management Mindset & Motivation Right to Start 2022

In this Year-End/New Year’s episode Mike…

…reflects back on his highlights and challenges of 2021, 

…reveals the “deflating” effect that Covid and current events have had on him personally,

…shares what he’s working on and his own commitment to become more productive, and

…challenges sales leaders with several questions to help get their minds and hearts in the right place heading into 2022.

  • How will you take back control of your calendar, maximize time spent on the precious few high-payoff sales leadership activities, and accomplish more sales management and drive more results in less time?
  • In spite of whatever circumstances you find yourself in, what must you do to protect your mindset and motivation to remain positive and proactive as you lead your team?
  • How effectively is your sales team executing on the big fundamentals? Have you gotten caught up in trendy sales fads, or does your FOMO have you searching for new tools, toys and quick fixes instead of focusing your people on the basics that always drive results…
  1. Strategic Target Lists (of growable existing customers and ideal profile prospects)
  2. A Sharp Sales Story (that leads with the issues your solution addresses and the outcomes you create for customers)
  3. Proactive Pursuit and Prospecting (to CREATE new opportunities at the top of the funnel)
  4. Effective Consultative Discovery Sales Calls
  5. Calendar and Pipeline Management and Accountability 

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Michael Hyatt books and courses referenced by Mike:  Free to Focus book, online course,

Win at Work & Succeed at Life book

Mike’s Your Sales Story online course

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