Episode 29

Leaders Occupy More Emotional & Mental Bandwidth in Our People’s Minds & Hearts than We Appreciate

In this unique episode, leaders are confronted with the weighty reality that they take up way more emotional and mental space in their people’s minds and hearts than they often recognize or appreciate.

There is nothing mutually exclusive about maintaining a results-focused, kickass sales culture and simultaneously creating a community that cares for, supports, encourages, and values salespeople. In fact, the very best sales cultures and sales leaders balance accountability and empathy exceedingly well!

Buckle up as Mike rails against the devolution of sales management into a desk/CRM jockey job (and the dangers of faux leadership via email) and forcefully reminds leaders that they are managing human beings with emotions, not drones

Prepare to be challenged about your own self-awareness regarding the head and heart space you occupy in your team members and learn four simple, practical tips to help you become better stewards of this awesome responsibility.