Episode 28

How to Be a “One-Up” Sales Pro, Truly Consultative, and Elevate Your Sales Game

with Special Guest Anthony Iannarino

In episode 28 Mike hosts Anthony Iannarino, the man he often refers to as the smartest person in the sales improvement business and Mike’s #1 go-to sales guru.

Anthony is on a mission to elevate the sales profession and is laser focused on helping sellers become truly consultative. His brand-new book, Elite Sales Strategies, show salespeople how to put themselves in a “One-Up” position where they approach prospects and clients from a position of authority and strength.

In this powerful interview, expect to be challenged about everything from your mindset, to how you’re upgrading your (or your team’s) business acumen, to how you (or your team) prepare for and conduct sales calls. And buckle up because Anthony makes the argument that the traditional method of conducting discovery sales calls actually contributes to salespeople getting commoditized.

Within the first few minutes of this conversation, you’ll understand Mike’s affection and respect for Anthony and also be hungry to elevate your sales game and become a “One-Up” Sales Pro!


Elite Sales Strategies on Amazon

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