Episode 27

5 Fundamental Focus Areas for a Successful Sales Attack

Sales is simple. And so is the process of developing new business. Regardless how complex your business or marketplace, the fundamentals for executing a successful sales attack are not!

With golf season around the corner, Mike, in his quest to improve his game, went old school and has been reading the classic book published in 1957, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. He was blown away by two realties from this priceless book. First, how absolutely clear, basic, and simple these fundamentals are. And second, the fact that the “modern” lessons from 65 years ago are still very much applicable and true today, despite the “changes” in the golf world and advances in technology! Sound familiar, sales leaders?

Studying Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons inspired this episode and prompted Mike to list and briefly unpack his five fundamental focus areas that he helps sales teams master:

1.  A Strategic, Finite, Workable Target List

2. Compelling Messaging (a customer issue and outcome-focused “Sales Story”)

3. Proactive Pursuit and Prospecting (ability to secure a meeting)

4. Effective Consultative/Discovery/Early Stage Sales Calls

5. The Calendar, Personal Productivity, Pipeline Accountability

If you’re looking to up your (or your team’s) new business development sales game, this episode is for you. The five fundamental focus areas are a great checklist and the table stakes for executing a successful sales attack, creating more new opportunities, filling the pipeline, and WINNING MORE NEW SALES.


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