Episode 26

Why the Phone Is Sexier than Ever and Puts a Person behind the Prospecting

If you or your team are charged with initiating sales conversations, creating new sales opportunities, and bringing in new business, then this cross-continent conversation is for you.

This episode is like no other! Mike was actually the guest on the Deal Podcast hosted by Jiri Siklar, a top-producing senior account executive for AWS based in Europe. Mike was so blown away with his Jiri’s sales brilliance and his philosophy on prospecting that he turned the interview around, started asking questions of Jiri, and received his permission to use excerpts of this powerful conversation in this episode.

Enjoy this power-packed dialogue as Jiri and Mike…

  • Discuss the #SalesTruth that everyone is sick of the LinkedIn “connect and pitch” approach and the constant cold outreach and spammy messages
  • Confront the nonsense from the #SocialSelling charlatans that everything in sales has changed, nothing that used to work is still effective, and the lie that the phone is dead or only deployed by dinosaurs 
  • Reveal the reality that the telephone is sexier (and in many cases, more effective) than ever, and offers an amazing opportunity for sales hunters to stand out simply because so few sellers use it
  • Make the case that the most successful salespeople use ALL effective, ethical, and appropriate methods to prospect for new opportunities, and that newer tools and approaches are wonderful supplements to, not replacements for, traditional methods like the phone
  • Provide practical tips for picking up the phone and using voicemail effectively

More About Mike’s new friend:

Jiri Siklar was born in the Czech Republic, and currently lives near Vienna, Austria. He’s made quota 52 consecutive months and was the #1 salesperson is his region of Europe four straight years. His Deal Podcast (most episodes in German) has 10,000 listeners. Jiri will be joining Mike as a guest on The Sales Management. Simplified. Podcast in the near future.

Mike referred listeners to Episode 25: A Foolproof Framework to Guarantee Consistent Deal Flow and a Full, Healthy Pipeline

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