Episode 34

Can You Coerce, Coach & Compensate Zookeeper Wired Salespeople to Successfully Hunt for New Business?

In this episode Mike tackles the first of the Four R’s of Smart Sales Talent Management:  Right People in the Right Roles and he introduces the concept of zookeeper-wired sellers.

So many sales leaders live in perpetual frustration that their overly relational, account management minded salespeople will not hunt for new business. These “zookeepers” are wonderful people who live to keep the peace, enhance relationships, put out customer service fires, and service existing accounts, but most absolutely hate the conflict, risk, and rejection that accompanies hunting for new business.

 Prepare to be challenged as Mike asks if it is possible to coerce, coach, and compensate zookeepers to become successful hunters. He also turns conventional wisdom on its head by making the case that even the most successful “account managers” who consistently penetrate and grow revenue within existing accounts actually behave more like proactive hunters than reactive farmers/zookeepers. 

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