Episode 38

Part 2 with Drew:  The Attitude, Approach & Actions as This Sales Leader Built His Winning Team & Culture

with returning Special Guest

Drew Ellis

Episode 38 is a must listen for every sales leader – veteran, new, or aspiring. 

Mike continues the powerful conversation with super impressive new sales leader Drew Ellis as they cover Drew’s transition from top-producing individual contributor into leadership.

Hear how Drew…

  • Built frameworks for leading his team before he even had the job
  • Hired for culture, grit, and fit
  • Was secure enough to bring people onto his team better than himself
  • Implemented disciplines around proactive new business development and sales process
  • Stressed the importance of “first dates” and continually filling the top of funnel
  • Adapted Mike’s “Accountability Framework” (results, pipeline, activity) for his new team
  • Stays sharp and motivated

If you missed the first half of Mike’s conversation with Drew, listen at mikeweinberg.com/episode37 

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