Episode 39

Underperformers Should Leave the 1:1 Manager-Salesperson Accountability Meeting with an Uncomfortable Feeling

Mike provoked the sales leaders gathered at the Sales Execution Simplified event in London with this statement that generated a healthy dialogue in the room: 

Struggling salespeople (who are neither hitting their sales numbers nor maintaining a healthy pipeline) should have a feeling of discomfort as they leave their 1:1 accountability meeting!

In this short episode recorded in Belfast, Mike shares highlights from his trip to the UK during the historic week following the death of Her Majesty The Queen, and regarding the all important 1:1 regular manager-salesperson accountability meeting, he reminds sales leaders that…

– this meeting is most effective when kept short and focused on thing – accountability

– should be completely fact/data-based and not based on feelings

– the impact of these critical sessions gets diluted when managers pivot from accountability to coaching

– we actually seek to create discomfort for underperforming salespeople

–  if sellers are falling short of their sales goals and their pipelines are weak (not enough total coverage, not enough new opportunities being created, not enough existing opportunities being advanced) then we do not want them walking away thinking everything is fine

– while we should be coaching and encouraging our struggling salespeople, we should NOT be doing that in our regular, brief accountability meeting