Episode 40

Selling in a Crisis

with Special Guest

Jeb Blount

While observing the launch of Jeb Blount’s brand new bestseller, Mike sensed something different. Just seeing the fun Jeb was having promoting Selling in a Crisis, and enjoying the excited reaction from so many sellers and sales influencers, Mike texted Jeb with a crazy question:  

“Jeb, I’m seeing the reaction to the book from sellers and influencers.  The timing is absolutely perfect as my client sales teams are preparing to sell into strong headwinds next year. The community needs this book. Do you think it’s possible that Selling in a Crisis could be even bigger than Fanatical Prospecting?”

That text led to a phone call which led to this wide ranging conversation. In Episode 40, Mike has Jeb share his take on the “State of Sales,” what we learned selling through the pandemic, dealing with supply chain challenges and passing along price increases, and now how we must prepare to sell in a very different business climate than we’ve experienced in the past fifteen years.

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

Selling in a Crisis

Selling the Price Increase

New Sales. Simplified.