Episode 43

How to Lead Sales Team Meetings That Energize and Equip Your Salespeople

Sales team meetings don’t have to be drudgery for the sales leader or salespeople, and they shouldn’t be painful and unproductive either!

In Episode 43, Mike…

  • Reminds leaders of the purpose and impact of great team meetings 
  • Rants about the most common sales meeting sins
  • Challenges sales managers that if you cannot answer this question with an emphatic “yes” then something needs to change quickly:   Do your salespeople leave sales team meetings with more energy and better equipped to sell than when the meeting began?
  • Unpacks several suggested agenda topics that will radically increase the impact of your team meetings
  • Reveals the secret to turn “role play” from something awkward and cringeworthy into the important practice session it should be

Take a listen and learn to “give the work away,” create more interaction and more value for your salespeople so they leave team meetings more energized and better equipped to sell than ever.


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