Episode 49

Losing this Deal Stung and Starting a New Series Covering Common Sales Leadership Sins

Mike begins Episode 49 sharing the pain from a recent lost deal that he really wanted along with the lessons learned from the experience. He takes this opportunity to remind listeners of the importance of doing a post-mortem analysis and that winners take ownership of the outcome (exhibiting internal locus of control) instead of playing the victim and blaming others and circumstances when they lose.

This episode also kicks off a new series reviewing The Unlucky 13 Sales Leadership Sins That Damage Culture and Diminish Results and Mike unpacks the first two of these common challenges:

  1. Poor Goals and Results Focus
  2. Unclear Strategy and Direction
  3. Managers Buried in Crap
  4. Lack of Accountability
  5. Desk/CRM Jockey Sales Management and “Leading” via Email
  6. Not Coaching and Mentoring Salespeople
  7. Sales Leader Playing Sales Team Hero
  8. Unhelpful Compensation Plans
  9. Wrong People in the Wrong Roles
  10. Painful, Unproductive Sales Team Meetings
  11. Allowing Salespeople to Live in Reactive Mode and Forget Their Primary Job
  12. An Anti-Sales Culture
  13. Searching for Shortcuts or the Secret Sauce

As Mike suggests, put your defense shield down, check your ego, and take a look in the mirror to see which of these very common sales leadership sins may be getting in the way of you having the culture and results you desire for your sales team.

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