Episode 48

Artificial Intelligence Will Not Replace You and One Trick to Power-Up Your Sales Team’s Presentations

Mike recorded Episode 48 from a hotel during a crazy travel streak between sales kickoff meetings and the most recent Supercharge Your Sales Leadership Event. 

In this long overdue episode, Mike pokes fun at the “bandwagon jumpers” in the sales improvement space who are once again (looking for “likes” and “clicks”) predicting the death of sales, this time due to ChatGBT. He references this LinkedIn post where he expresses his skepticism and reminds sellers and sales leaders that these very same people were proclaiming that AI would kill our profession five years ago!

Inspired by his preparation for a workshop he was leading for a favorite client’s kickoff meeting, Mike also shares his take on why so many sales calls and presentations fall flat and offers up his favorite trick to help salespeople radically power-up their presentations. Learn how the magic in “Slide 4” can transform the dynamic in the room, and how your seller, solution, and company are all perceived.

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