Episode 47

This Is the First Step in a Successful New Business Development Sales Initiative

Mike is concerned that one month into the new year too many sales teams have not nailed down their strategic, finite target account lists. Too many supposed sales hunters are operating on autopilot while an abundance of account managers are simply doing the “milk run” in territory caretaker and maintenance mode!

In Episode 47 Mike shares why Selecting Targets is the very first piece of his New Sales Driver Framework and he challenges sellers and sales leaders to declare  which target accounts (growable existing customers and ideal profile prospects) they are committed to proactively pursuing to develop new business.

Listen as Mike unpacks the four characteristics of a great target list:

  1. Strategic
  2. Finite
  3. Focused
  4. Written (yes, written or printed!)

To WIN MORE NEW SALES, sales leaders must get salespeople out of reactive mode waiting for leads and opportunities to chase and get them PROACTIVELY pursuing named target customers and prospects!

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New Event Date Announced:

With the February 28th session now sold out, we are excited to announce the next SUPERCHARGE YOUR SALES LEADERSHIP dates:

The next one-day intensive will be Wednesday, May 3rd with May 4th as the VIP Day that includes VIP Q&A, private lunch with Mike and the Porsche Driving Experience on the track!

More info and register at mikeweinberg.com/atlanta2023